The sheep of the farm are a native Finnish breed, Kainuunharmas.

The first sheep arrived to the farm in 2018 for landscape management.

Kainuunharmas arrived to the farm in February 2020. Selectively breeding and supporting the conservation of a rare sheep breed is the core value of our farm. We are motivated above all else by the health and well-being of our animals.

Kainuunharmas is well-adjusted to the local environment. It is agile and as such great for landscape management. 

In its temperament Kainuunharmas is very curious, lively and friendly. Harmas are all personalities, fine individuals.

Special and high quality wool as well as fur are popular among consumers. At its best the wool has a sparkly shine like a pearl and they have unique shades of colour making them excellent for crafts.


The flock is led by gentle-natured Noittaa's Jahti. The rams used for breeding include also the young boys Noittaa's Palvelu, known also as Pate, as well as Mäki's Armas and Auvo.